Course in social media

Next week I'm going on a course about social media and how to use these with regards to work. We are going to be learning about blogging, twitter, facebook, mashups, podcasting and all sorts of other stuff that I haven't even heard of. Should be good! Three meetings and private study for the rest. First meeting is on Thursday and after that this blogg might look slightly more interesting.... :)


OK so that last few days I've actually been trying to access this thing, and I have been given the message that no account is registered to my email adr. Kind of strange two days after I had written an entry. So I wrote to the help centre and explained that something was wrong...never heard anything but when I tried again today - suddenly I'm in!

So now that I'm in I had better write something. Not that much is going on really. I had yesterday off so I finished insulating the roof over the lounge... I also did random stuff around the house and started to knit more Christmas presents - I'd like to put the pictures up, but then that would spoil the suprise for those of you receiving home made presents.... which a lot of you will be :)

It has been raining seemingly non stop here for a few days now - it hasn't really but when it wasnt dripping the air was so damp it might as well have been! Bjrn hung out some clothes three days ago and they are wetter now than when they were in the machine... today it looks like we will have sun, however, so after a quick shopping trip I intend to dig up the rest of the potatoes :D

Autumn blues?

You know its been a long time since you blogged when you dont even remember the name of the page you have your blog registered on... oh well. It has been a busy season at the museum (Veien Kulturminnepark for those of you who didnt know- with lots of visitors and things to be done. Now its autumn and the visitor numbers naturally decrease slightly as the tourists head home - more and more group bookings however so we will be following visitor numbers with interest.

I have now caught the first cold of the season - it had to start just as I went off for a ten day break - had had to culminate in a proper head cold with fever the day before going back... typical!!

In my garden I have dug up the first potatoes and the few charlots that survived. When pulling up some sunflowers to dry for the bunny rabbit I discovered that some of the carrots I thought had been lost to inquisitive cats had actually survived so I pulled them up too and although they weren't so big they were very tasty. I've also "pruned" some of the birch trees to dry for little bun and I am preparing a room in the barn for her so that she can have her own run.

I have been quite creative recently - sewing and knitting mostly, but unfortunately the stuff is Christmas presents for various different people some of which might read this - so no pics til after Christmas!!

Having said that I now plan to go back down stairs and in stead of digging holes for some new plants my father-in-law has given me, I will be making Christmas cards :D

Baby lvehode

Tomorrow I am picking up a baby lvehode rabbit... I will try to find out what that is in English... but it's cute!!!! Dont know what sex it is yet but it has the same colouring as Pelle, my last bunny.


I fetched a cage at my parents house today and will finish cleaning it tomorrow. Have to buy sawdust etc at the weekend. :) Can't wait :) Meanwhile I will cuddle my pussy cats... I love animals!!!

Easter and redecorating

It's Easter and it's amazing to think that 2000 years ago give or take, something happened to change the course of history :) Another crusifiction (which apparently I cant spell) but not just any other guy... Went to church this morning to celebrate... not the most inspiring of church meetings but coming out there was a lovely spring breeze and wonderful sunshine and in my garden the snow is melting and the green grass (ok...mostly moss) is coming back to life - Spring and God are both amazing!

Im sitting in a rather messed up room... cluttered to say the least with various stuff. The walls are a light shade of pink (but hopefully not for long)... at the moment they look like a swiss cheese which someone has tried to fix and I think we run the risk of having more sparkle stuff in the wall than actual wall by the time I have finished with this house!!! Mummy and I ripped out a cupboard a few weeks ago and I have treated and washed the wall since. The other day I scraped the old paint off (or nearly off) and gave the corner where the cupboard had stood a layer of new paint. Today I was going to do two of the walls but unfortunately I had to fill loads of holes again so that will have to be a job for later this week... it's a shame that we go back to work on Tuesday - I dont really have the time - there's too much to do here!

Im trying to figure out where to plant my potatoes.... I have too much space to play with. I went for a little walk in the parts of my garden that I can get to without wading knee deep in snow and rediscovered how big it actually is! I cant wait to see it in full bloom! I even have a rhodedendron!!!!! (which for some reason I can spell...)

Photos and stuff to come...when I fint the camera in all this mess!!!

Bones and forensic stuff and work...

I've only just remembered that I actually have such a thing as a blogg and that I, therefore, maybe ought to write something in it occassionally....

Over the last couple of weeks we have had several school classes visit the museum as we offered free visits to specific years in February. I found that I actually enjoyed "teaching" again (although I would still prefer not to have to do so in a class room). I also discovered just how much I miss working osteology and forensic stuff. Admittedly I only did this as a student and, therefore, have no idea what it would be like to do it professionally but it is SOOOO interesting. I have loads of fun explaining what all the different bits of the exhibited skeleton in our museum are and why they're not attached anymore and why he's missing phalanges and why the mandible comes apart from the rest of the skull.... I wish I was in the field digging up burials. I know people say it's tedious cos of the amount of recording and the painstaking process of drawing a skelly but it is so much fun when it is finally lifted....

In March I'm going on several courses which should be good. I haven't really been on archaeological courses as a professional before. I hope we are inspired and given new ideas as to how to reach the public. I think Veien has huge potential... it's just finding the best way to maximise that...

We will shortly be starting live role playing for kids every second Saturday of the month which should be great fun. It wont be historically correct or anything as the sessionas are set in a fantasy world but the project looks excellent all the same. Daunting.... but excellent! Interested...? Come!

A Leicester postgraduate

Another week has gone by and it is 8 days since I graduated. We went over (we being: Mummy, Daddy, Bjrn, Hannah and me) for the graduation, staying with our friends Pete and Maggie in Leicester. It was a nice day despite really grotty English winter weather. We had a reception in the foyer of the Archaeology and Ancient History department after fetching the robes and then off to Demontford Hall for the ceremony. Good fun although definitely more so when you are graduating together with someone you know. Kind of lonely sitting in the huge hall and not really knowing any other graduands. Much nicer when it was the BA and Rachel was there too!

Having met upwith BA tutors, I felt sorely tempted to write loads of articles and start a phd... definitely dont see the latter happening but maybe the first?? Ought to write an article on my dissertation topic...

After the graduation was over, we went up to Kiveton (near Sheffield) to visit grandad. Rebecca and Joe met us there and we stayed at the Red Lion pub not far from him. It was a nice weekend, with loads of good food and family and friends. Kind of sad leaving Leicester campus and not knowing when or why i would go back though...


Having written about hobbies I should also mention that I absolutely love archaeology and actually find myself missing the excellent academic atmosphere in "my" department at the University of Leicester. I really enjoyed my time there reading loads of random stuff on dead people and lost civilisations. I think (apart from the strain of finals) the last year was possibly the best because of the subjects. Forensic archaeology, Human skeletal Analysis, the dissertation etc. I especially enjoyed being handed a skeleton in a box and having hours and hours to "get to know it" :)

"Frederica" had her brain examined after death such that her skull had been sawn open. As you can see it was like a giant puzzle. Although the jokes throughout the year were bad, it was quite rewarding studying the human skeleton and quite humbling to discover just how many things could go wrong and how hard work and malnurishment are so easily detected in bone.

In my second year I went on a weeks dig at Vindolanda on Hadrians Wall. I had been there a few times as a tourist and it was great fun to be on the other side of the fence telling the tourists what we were doing. We found some really interesting stuff. Apart from uncovering more of the stone fort, we also found a grind stone, an amphora handle and a stone with the head of a goddess which had once been in a ring. (I think they are called insignia...or something like that).

Now I work at local Iron Age site in Hnefoss about an hours drive north of Oslo. The site is called Veien and consists of a burial ground with over 100 grave mounds and an area of settlement with four longhouses. One of these has been reconstructed. If you're interested look it up ...unfortunately the page is not yet in english but the photos are good :)

Knitting and other stuff I enjoy

Thought I should probably try to write the occassional blog thingy in english as I posted the link on facebook and most of you out there are english speakers. I thought I'd brighten up the blog a bit by adding some photos of stuff I made a while ago. Knitting is definitely what I like best as I can pretty much do it blind (which means I can do other things at the same time) as long as the pattern isnt complicated.

Baby clothes are definitely the most fun to knit as they tend to be quite cute and are finished quickly. I have an Emma sized jumper I started two years ago that I still havent finished because I got bored with it :)

Below is a famous Norwegian pattern called Setesdal. I think it is particularly nice it grey and white.

I have also tried my hand at crocheting... this was my first attempt (apart from chains) but I think I have forgotten most of it and need a new crash course from Cecilie... maybe this summer??

I have also done other stuff like porcelaine doll making. Great fun although quite expensive. Unfortunately I dont know of anyone running courses in it here ... which is probably just as well as I cant really afford it!!

My biggest problem with the dolls is that they have to be dressed and I am rubbish at sewing. All the clothes my dolls have are thanks to mummy's guidance :) At least they are dressed! I have made quite a few. Some are on the "mantle piece" at Mummy and Daddy's house and some are yet to be unpacked here...

That at least gives you a little taste of what I like doing... I will add more as and when and get Cecilie to tell me how to make the blogg prettier :D (Yes that is a hint!!)

Blogg ja... jeg ja...

Heisann til de av dere der ute som roter dere inn hit. Blogging er jo tingen n s jeg tenkte kanskje jeg skulle forske meg jeg og. Regner med at det kommer til bli mye i starten og s mindre og mindre. Blir nok ikke min blogg som blir rekordbeskt og havner i Ringblad... ;P men det er jo helt greit det. Nr jeg tenker over det burde jeg kanskje ha skrevet dette p engelsk. Mulig denne bloggen kommer til bli like sprkforvirra som meg! Skal tenke p noe mer spennende legge ut her. Kanskje jeg flger Cecilies fotspor og lager dette litt hobby relatert...
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